For The Challenges of Life.


A Book About Hope

Have you been searching for answers your entire life—and coming up empty? Are you struggling with hopelessness after one too many disappointments?

You are not alone—most of us have answered “yes” to these questions at one point or another.

The stress and frustration can be overwhelming, stressful, or even depressing.

But what if you could find what has been missing?

About John Cale

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John Cale considers himself a normal guy who has experienced loss, hurt, and happiness in life. John grew up the son of Bodie Sr. and Stella Cale, an average blue-collar, hardworking, honest couple. John attended Mt. Carmel High School in Kentucky, where he received a solid life foundation and was cared for and specifically mentored by Verdon Higgins, the school’s principle.

John speaks on identifying personal strengths, avoiding a life “dead end”, Millennial and Gen-Z evangelism, new relational outreach, sustainable Church growth, mobilizing congregants to action, and unity.

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John Cale

A Dedication to Mom

“Please stop talking”… ”Be quiet”… These are words I heard come from my mother, Stella Pearl Cale (Sanchez), throughout my childhood. I admit I had a problem with being quiet and sitting still. The mother of six children who were all before me and closest to me 11 years apart, Mom had faced a lot. But, I was told I was another level of child raising.

I share this because I want to dedicate this book to my mom Stella. She loved people and truly lived a life of letting God use her to love and reach out to others around her. She was a prayer, and many people’s lives and eternities were impacted by those prayers.

Just as I heard comments about my behavior throughout my childhood, I also started hearing, “Son, you need to pray more and let God help you”… every time I saw her, I heard this. She prayed for all her children, including me. Without her reminders and ongoing prayers, I seriously don’t think I would have lived to this point. Thank you, Mom, for giving of yourself and praying for me. My hope is that this book will be an extension of your life to help new generations of people to know Him.

I love you, Mom.

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